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Gold ETF (exchange traded fund) - is a simple and flexible way to invest in gold from any trading account. They are a very recent new trading tool which makes trading commodities possible. Gold ETFs are combining the benefits of gold and trading stocks. ETF funds trades like ordinary stocks, units or notes are backed by gold bars or gold company shares held by the custodian of the investment fund. Some Gold ETFs allow your convert your gold fund value into gold bars.

The most popular Gold ETF is GLD (streetTRACKS Gold Trust Shares) listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Another popular fund based out of Canada is XGD listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. This fund holds and own shares of gold companies and out performs the price of gold in both Gold bull and bear markets. This provides more potential return when in a position.

Our service provides trading signals for many gold etfs as we have clients in several different countries. provides complete buy and sell signals for trading gold and silver etf's with full detailed charts on each sector.

 In general, Gold ETF funds have the following advantages:

A. Gold ETF has gold as underlying asset. Investors do not need to worry about gold security or storage.

B. Trading Gold ETF provide a much smaller spread and are considerably lower than for gold coins.

C. Gold ETF is easily accessible to small investors who don't have the capital or trading account that allows them to buy gold bars.

D. Gold ETF does not have the "management risk" associated with trading individual gold mining companies.

Gold ETF trading is made easy with our service, checkout out our Silver ETF information HERE

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