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What Others Are Saying..

Dear Kristen,

I have diligently been following your reports for the last seven months. Your weekly reports and timely alerts have allowed me to benefit from the three major moves in the market, while avoiding the whipsaws. The financial rewards and the peace of mind have made investing fun again. I look forward to our continued success! Melvin McBride

What Others Are Saying..

Gold Sector,

I can't believe the recent opportunities and success. Your calls were right on the $$$$ and I have made it big with your alerts in gold. Thanks for making my retirement profitable. Lester W. Short.




These examples show our Gold Fund Performance. Trading individual gold companies can greatly improve the overall performance of your portfolio when we have major buy or sell signal.

Gold ETF Performance

Above shows our daily active traders performance for our most recent signal, which provided us with a 24% profit in under two months using our conservative ETF trading model.

Gold Index Performance

Above shows the Gold Index performance.



Above shows our investor monthly trading signals for the new bullion bull market. This signal has generated over 140% in profits for last two signals. Pre 2004 we traded precious metal mutual funds and individual gold companies.



Gold Index Performance

Above shows the performance for the Gold index using the monthly chart.


Basic information about the Gold ETF

Basic information about the Silver ETF