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The Gold research provided within the weekly reports is created and analyzed by experts who have traded the precious metal sector for more than a decade. One of the keys to successful trading is to use a strict risk reward strategy which minimizes draw downs during volatile periods while capitalizing on profitable positions.

The TGS has invested years perfecting the Precious Metals trading strategy and still continues to improve it year after year while generating high annual returns. Our unique trading strategy is based on technical analysis, economic data, market sentiment, and advanced multi time frame charting skills. Our Proprietary trading strategy delivers consistent returns month after month.

Trading with the times is very important and we only focus on active sector or industry groups like Gold, Silver and Energy. Join our group of active traders and start building your trading account today!

Our Goal is to help individual investors and traders to generate consistent returns. We also provide trading information to several financial advisors, brokerages, and institutions around the globe.